You spec it, we build it. Fast.

RegO delivers increased flow rates, tamper-proof settings, 100% shut off and engraved specifications—and we deliver fast. Give us your custom pressure settings and get your low maintenance, 100% tested AR series angled relief valves in just 2 weeks.

AR Series brochure & ordering information

All the system benefits, specs and technical documentation.


The AR Series product portfolio

Built better to last longer

Quality materials, innovation and
long-lasting design, that’s how
we can offer a 10-year product
warranty —double that of other

Build a better system with the AR Series

Custom pressure settings. Fast.

Custom settings from: 22 psig to 566 psig 1.5 barg to 39.02 barg 2 week delivery

ASME certified flow rates

Rigorously tested to open at ± 3% and ensure full flow at 10% pressure above set point or 3 PSI, whichever is greater

Bubble tight seal

Seat design ensures proper centered alignment on clo-sure after pressure relief for a consistent bubble tight seal

We secure your set point 4 different ways

3 locking pins and a locking lanyard provide visible, tamper proof protection

We protect the spring to protect your system

Our encapsulated spring avoids direct contact with the flow path of cryogenic vapor to ensure set point integrity and consistent performance for the life of the valve

Easy ID

Psig and barg pressure settings, datecode, specifications, and certifications are permanently en-graved onto the valve