Cryogenic Regulator ½” inlet/outlet for Bulk Vessels CB504


CB504 series regulators maintain the pressure of cryogenic liquid within bulk vessels combining the pressure building (RG) and economizer (ECL) function in one compact unit.


  • All parts are copper alloy (brass), PTFE, and stainless steel—materials selected specifically for compatibility with cryogenic temperatures down to –340ºF.
  • Tamper resistant bonnet cap prevents inadvertent pressure adjustment.
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 550 PSIG (37.92 BAR)
  • PTFE seat provides positive shut off at cryogenic temperatures
  • Compact design fits well in tight plumbing geometries
  • 100% factory tested
  • Cleaned per CGA G-4.1 for oxygen service
  • Suitable for argon, nitrogen, oxygen and LNG


Body Brass
Bonnet Brass
Spring Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Gasket PTFE
Diaphragm Phosphor Bronze
Backcap Gasket Copper