CryoMac® 3 50 GPM LNG Fueling Nozzle


The New and Improved CryoMac® 3 50 GPM LNG Fueling Nozzle combines a lightweight, easy to handle design along with a variety of features that improve safety and reliability at a reasonable cost.


  • Improved positive “safety stop” does not release until triggered after venting trapped gas and before disconnecting the nozzle for added safety and operator protection
  • Improved longer service life of the receptacle end seal
  • Reconfigured to be more compatible with Macro and other receptacle designs 
  • Ball bearing design “guides and locks” the nozzle in place during fueling for easier connections
  • Designed to prevent freezing onto the receptacle utilizing non-metallic bearings, air gaps and insulation
  • Easy access for maintenance on the receptacle end seal, poppet assembly and seat
  • Factory authorized CryoMac® 3 exchange service is available upon request

ISO12617 CryoMac3 LNG Nozzle Certification