Low Emission ACME Connector For Transports and Bobtails 6588LE & 6589LE


Designed to provide fast filling of bobtails, transports and large bulk storage tanks while providing for low emission of LPG when disconnecting.


  • 3¼” Male Acme Connector with reduced emissions, 90% less than current ECII ACME adapters.
  • 10.5 cubic centimeters of liquid discharged at disconnect
  • UL Listed as a Filler Valve.
  • Safety groove is designed to shear below ACME threads leaving the valve seat closed and unaffected if the vehicle pulls away with the hose connected.
  • Seat disc is made of synthetic composition and is mechanically held in place by a seat disc retainer.
  • Stainless Steel return spring.
  • One- piece poppet stem for smooth operation.
  • Will connect to any standard female 3¼” ACME adapter.
  • Hydrostatic relief valve included (3125L).


Upper Body Brass
Lower Body Brass
Poppet & Stem Assembly Brass
Spring Stainless Steel
Gasket Resilient Synthetic Rubber
Seat Disc Resilient Synthetic Rubber