Quick-Acting Valves for Cylinder Charging Hoses
7053T, and 7901T Series


Designed primarily for use on cylinder charging hoses to provide fast, convenient shut-off and fast opening. These valves must be installed so that flow through the valve is in the opposite direction to that of a conventional globe valve. This allows the inlet flow to assist in closing the valve,

and even more important, helps prevent the valve from being forced open by high pump pressure.


  • Quick-acting design speeds transfer operations.
  • Permits easy, one-handed opening and closing of the valve.
  • O-ring stem seal design.
  • Provides quick, positive shut-off.


Body (7053T, 7901) Forged Brass
O-Ring Resilient Synthetic Rubber
Bonnet Assembly (7053T, 7901) Brass
Seat Disc Resilient Synthetic Rubber
Handle (7053T, 7901) Brass
Springs Stainless Steel