Hydraulic Automatic Cylinder Filling System 7194MD and 7194HD


Designed to provide accurate, economical filling of LP-Gas DOT and fork lift cylinders by weight. Filling stops automatically as the total weight of the cylinder reaches the amount pre-set on the scale. One individual can efficiently handle up to four cylinder filling operations simultaneously, to maximize profits, increase efficiency and allow servicing of more customers.

The RegO® automatic cylinder filling system is designed for use with these scales only:

New Style - 1280A Double Beam Scale or Single Beam Scales 1124A and 1174A.
Old Style - 1280 Double Beam Scale or Single Beam Scale 1123 with or without Howe No. 12108 “Over or Under’’ Indicator.


(with or without Howe No. 8325 Balance Indicator)
—No. 54X Wood Pillar and Shelf Scale.
—No. 57 Steel Pillar and Shelf Scale (single beam).
—No. 57X Steel Pillar and Shelf Scale (double beam).


  • Completely self-contained with no electrical source or wiring required.
  • Works hydraulically, like brakes on a car.
  • Filling stops automatically when cylinders reach pre-set weight.
  • Up to four stations can be handled by one individual.

How It Works

The scale beam weight is adjusted to the desired filled weight and the empty cylinder is placed on the scale. The loading hose is connected to the cylinder valve, and the lever on the master cylinder is moved to the vertical position. When the quick-acting valve on the loading hose is opened, the cylinder will rapidly fill. The master cylinder lever is designed to trip, move to a horizontal position and automatically shut off the control valve as soon as the scale reaches the pre-set filled weight.

Components may be ordered separately with piping done by the installer. Two completely assembled manifold configurations are also available.