ASME Multivalves® for Vapor Withdrawal


These compact Multivalves® are especially suited for vapor withdrawal of ASME containers where compact groupings of components are necessary. Separate filler valves and pressure relief valves are required.

Features 6542 and 6543

  • Combines service valve, vapor equalizing valve with excess flow, fixed liquid level gauge and plugged pressure gauge opening in one unit.
  • Rugged, 1” wrenching boss on center column minimizes possible damage during installation.
  • Low profile design extends only 3” above the container boss, allowing use of smaller domes.
  • “Y” shape configuration allows for ease of operation with all valves and gauges easily accessible at all times.
  • Designed for installation of a ⅛” M.NPT pressure gauge or pressure gauge connection. The pressure test port will communicate to the downstream side of the service valve.
  • MultiBonnet® allows quick and easy repair of bonnet.


Body Forged Brass
Handwheel Aluminum Die Cast
Valve Stems Brass
O-Rings Resilient Rubber
Seat Disc (shut-off valve) Nylon
Seat Disc (others) Resilient Rubber