Hose End Valve Adapter 7576


No gas flow is allowed when this adapter is not connected to the 1¾” ACME connection of a filler valve, it also acts as a back check.


  • Designed to be installed on the outlet connection of LP-Gas hose end valve; no flow is allowed until the 7576 adapter female ACME connection is engaged on to the male ACME threads on the filler valve.
  • Incorporates a back check that will stop flow out of a filler valve that fails to close, when the 7576 adapter remains connected to the filler valve.
  • Bleeder valve is designed to vent gas between the hose end valve connection and 7576 hose end adapter.
  • Long grip ACME swivel for ease in connecting and disconnecting from a filler valve connection.


Body Brass Inlet Connection Brass
Outlet Connection Brass
ACME Swivel Aluminum
Spring Stainless Steel
Seat Disc Synthetic Rubber
O-Rings Synthetic Rubber