DOT Multivalve® for Liquid Withdrawal


These Multivalves® permit liquid withdrawal from DOT cylinders with up to 100 lbs. propane capacity. They eliminate unnecessary cylinder handling when servicing high volume loads and allow on-site filling into the vapor space without interrupting gas service.


  • Incorporates service valve, high capacity filler valve with integral back-check, fixed liquid level gauge, liquid withdrawal with excess flow check and pressure relief valve in one single unit.
  • CGA 555 service connection minimizes accidental connection to vapor service systems.
  • Furnished with 44” long, ½” O.D. brass liquid withdrawal tube.
  • Liquid withdrawal tube incorporates a ball check excess flow valve that opens by allowing vapor, not liquid, to equalize pressure.
  • 1 1⁄8” wrenching flats.


Body Forged Brass
Handwheel Aluminum Die Cast
Valve Stems Brass
O-Rings Resilient Rubber
Seat Disc (shut-off valve) Nylon
Seat Disc (others) Resilient Rubber
Relief Spring Stainless Steel