3” Flanged Internal Valves for Bobtail Delivery Trucks, Transports and Large Stationary Storage Containers A3217A & A3217DA


Designed primarily for LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia service on MC331 transport pressure vessels and large stationary storage tanks. Installation is quick and easy, and it fits in most existing tank flanges. The valve may be actuated manually or pneumatically.

Use of the A3219RT Remote Thermal Release with this valve is suggested to provide a remote means of mechanical closure along with thermal protection, as required by DOT.


Provides More Efficient Operation

  • Flow passages designed to allow higher pumping rates without cavitation or loss of efficiency–-saves time and money.
  • One piece, stainless steel pilot valve provides more accurate alignment for dependable operation.
  • Remote release lever allows cables to run directly to opposite ends of vessel without pulleys or tubing.

Protects Your Pump

  • Main disc retaining screws are installed from the top down to help minimize loose screws from entering and damaging the pump.
  • Back-up cotter pin is designed to minimize the chance of a loosened actuator nut and washer from entering and damaging the pump.

Less Frequent-Easier Maintenance

  • Easily replaceable chrome plated seat insert eliminates need for expensive remachining of valve body when overhauled.
  • Stainless steel screws resist rusting and are easily removed during valve disassembly.
  • Strainer completely covers the top of the valve to help keep out sediment and foreign material.
  • Stainer seats at the top flange of the valve’s seat insert, making removal of the valve easier.

Durable Construction

  • Cadmium plating helps resist corrosion during storage and use.
  • Taper pin lock secures the operating shaft to provide for more precise, trouble-free actuation.
  • Built-in excess flow valve and thermal protection.
  • Specify RegO® Internal Valves on your next new tank body or rebuild.


Body and Valve Cage Cadmium Plated Ductile Iron
Handle Cadmium Plated Ductile Iron
Seat Nickel Chrome Plated Steel
Strainer Stainless Steel
Stem Stainless Steel
Pilot Valve Plug Stainless Steel
Springs Stainless Steel
Roller Actuator Cadmium Plated Carbon Steel
Lever Assembly Cadmium Plated Carbon Steel
Seat Disc Resilient Synthetic Rubber