Remote Thermal Release for DOT MC331 Pressure Vessel A3219RT


Designed especially for use with Internal Valves installed in DOT MC331 pressure vessels. The A3219RT provides a remote means of mechanical closure along with thermal protection, as required by DOT MC331.

The A3219RT is connected by cable to the internal valve(s) on the vessel. In the event of extreme heat (over 212° F.), the fuse link will melt, causing the spring to contract and pull the cable. When properly installed the cable will trip the internal valve release lever(s) allowing the connected handle(s) to move to the closed position.


  • Meets DOT MC331 requirements.
  • Easily installed, rugged formed steel bracket has open bottom to minimize dirt and water build-up.
  • Heavy, shouldered pins lock into position.
  • Stainless steel spring provides dependable performance with 100 lb. load.
  • Heavy-duty chain adapts easily to standard cable and fittings.
  • Fuse link has 212° F. release temperature.
  • Adapts easily to standard cables and fittings.


Body Galvanized Steel
Springs Stainless Steel