Multipurpose Valve for Filling of NH3 Containers A8016DBC


Designed specifically for use as a manual filler valve on anhydrous ammonia applicator tanks. This valve incorporates an integral back check valve.


  • Positive seating back check valve opens for maximum flow at minimum pressure drop when filling — regardless of the type of coupling in which the valve is installed.
  • Back Check seat is fully contained in the tank coupling for maximum protection in the event of external damage to the valve.
  • Resilient seat disc assembly is fully contained on three sides for bubble-tight shut-off and long service life.
  • “V”-ring spring-loaded stem seal design requires no repacking or field adjustment.
  • Specially machined break-away groove beneath ACME threads will shear-off with excessive pull on the hose and leave the valve body intact.
  • Plugged ¼” NPT boss accommodates vent valve or hydrostatic relief valve.


Body Ductile Iron
Bonnet Steel
“V”-Rings Teflon
Stem Stainless Steel
Seat Disc Resilient Synthetic Rubber
Back Check Valve Stainless Steel, Steel and Synthetic Rubber
Springs Stainless Steel