ESV Pneumatic Controls


RegO® Emergency Shut-Off Valves modified for remote pneumatic shutdown operation retain all the operating features of the standard valves.

Once equipped with pneumatic cylinders and then pressurized, the pneumatic cylinder piston rod disengages from a striker plate, allowing the ESV to be manually opened and the striker plate to act as a latch and hold the valve open. Release of the control system pressure for any reason closes the ESV for fail-safe operation.


  • Closes the liquid and vapor ESV from a convenient remote location.
  • Independent closed loop system allows the ESV to be pneumatically charged, but opened or closed manually or with cable controls to conserve pressurized gas.

  • Independent closed loop system will continue to hold pressure and close ESV in an emergency - even if supply pressure is cut off.

  • Any loss of pressure from the control line, such as accidents or the line melting from fire, automatically shuts down the liquid and vapor ESV.
  • ESV must be reset after automatic shutdown.