ASME Multivalves® for Vapor Withdrawal
G8475RL Series


These Multivalves® are designed for use in single opening ASME containers equipped with a 2½” M. NPT riser. They can be used with underground ASME containers up to 639 sq. ft. surface area, and above ground ASME containers up to 192 sq. ft. surface area. A separate opening is required for liquid withdrawal. The MultiBonnet® is standard on this valve.


  • The most complete Multivalve® assembly in the LP-Gas industry.
  • Combines double back check filler valve, vapor equalizing valve with excess flow, pressure relief valve with protective cap and chain, service line shut-off valve, fixed liquid level gauge, “junior” size float gauge flange opening and plugged pressure gauge opening in one unit.
  • Designed for installation of a 1/8” FNPT pressure gauge or pressure gauge connection. The pressure test port will communicate to the downstream side of the service valve.
  • Double back check filler valve has filling capacities matched to the high capacity pumps and meters on modern delivery trucks.
  • Vapor equalizing valve with excess flow has increased capacity matched to the filler valve.
  • Internal threads accommodate 2½” M. NPT riser pipe connection and a ¾” F. NPT connection for a customer furnished liquid baffle tube.
  • MultiBonnet® allows quick and easy repair of bonnet.
  • Discharge is only 2.13 cc


Body Forged Brass Handwheel Aluminum Die Cast
Valve Stems Brass
O-Rings Resilient Rubber
Seat Disc (shut-off valve) Nylon
Seat Disc (other) Resilient Rubber
Relief Spring Stainless Steel