Low Pressure Second Stage Regulators 
LV5503B Series


Designed to reduce first stage pressure of 5 to 20 PSIG down to burner pressure,normally 11” w.c. Ideal for larger commercial and industrial applications, multiple cylinder installations and large domestic systems.


  • Incorporates integral relief valve.
  • With 15 PSIG inlet pressure, regulator is designed to not pass more than 2 PSIG with the seat disc removed.
  • Replaceable valve orifice and valve seat disc.
  • Straight line valve closure saves wear on seat disc and orifice.
  • Built in pressure tap has plugged 1⁄8” F.NPT outlet. Plug can be removed with a 3⁄16” hex allen wrench.
  • Large bonnet vent profile minimizes vent freeze over when properly installed.
  • Extra long lever arm for uniform delivery pressure.
  • Large diaphragm is extra sensitive to pressure changes.


Body Die Cast Zinc
Bonnet Die Cast Zinc
Nozzle Orifice Brass
Spring Steel
Valve Seat Disc Resilient Rubber
Diaphragm Integrated Fabric and Synthetic Rubber