Combination Low Emission Filler and Overfill Protection Device (OPD) SFL7579V Series


The SFL7579V Series filler valve is for use on ASME containers. This combined filler valve and overfill protection device is designed to provide fast filling and protection against overfilling of vertical and horizontal above ground LPG containers. This is typically installed in the top of horizontal containers.


  • Low emission filler valve, will not release more than 2.14cc when disconnected.
  • Large flow area for fast filling.
  • Resilient seated upper check
  • Stable Overfill Protection Device that is integral to the filler valve.
  • Overfill Protection Device will stop the flow of liquid when the 80% level is reached.
• Must be installed in a vertical position.
• Depending on the application this valve is designed to be used in conjunction with another device such as a fixed liquid level gauge or float gauge in low emission transfer systems.


Upper body Brass
Lower body Brass
Springs Stainless Steel
Washer and seat disc Synthetic Rubber
Cap Resilient Molded Plastic
OPD check Nitrile
OPD lever and riser Nylon
OPD float Closed Cell Nitrophenolic