Test kit

Low Pressure Test Set 2434A Series


This kit provides the equipment necessary for checking regulator delivery pressure (low pressure) at the appliances. The basic set contains a 2424A-2 low pressure gauge and a 3 foot — 3⁄16” O.D. flexible synthetic rubber tube. Adapters are also available.

Water Manometer Kit


The water manometer kit is especially suited for use with low pressure LP-Gas systems. It is ideal for pressure checks downstream of the low pressure regulator and at the appliances.


  • Flexible tube rolls up for convenient storage with accessories in compact carry case.
  • Magnetic clips allow easy attachment to metal surfaces.
  • Flexible spring steel scale is calibrated in inches of water column for reading to 16” w.c.
  • Molded nylon tubing connectors incorporate a rapid shut-off design in an unbreakable molded top.
  • Rapid pressure safety trap prevents loss of fluid due to pressure surges on both columns.
  • Scale is center mounted between columns to eliminate parallax error and has a full two-inch sliding zero adjustment.


1—Flexible water manometer which reads up to 16” w.c. of pressure.
1—Heavy duty, compact carrying case.
1—¾ oz. bottle of Fluorescein Green color concentrate.
2—1⁄8” pipe thread barbed tubing adapters.
1—3 foot, 3⁄16” rubber tube.
1—Rubber tubing adapter and 7⁄16” spud.