The Acme Model CV delivers precise performance, long life, and exceptional reliability ensuring your process or facility’s operation and safety while minimizing downtime.

  • Exceeds the industry’s highest standards for reliability and performance
  • Available in the most standard models with the shortest lead times in the industry
  • Exceptional quality – every Acme valve is individually tested prior to shipment

Acme Model CV Specialized Designs

  • In addition to our standard designs, Acme offers valves for specialized applications including fire control, lift check, high purity, and ultra high purity models.
  • Our High Purity (HP) Valve is available in ½” through 2″. Similar to the Model CV but fabricated with butt weld connections instead of socket weld connections, the HP valve eliminates the small areas in the socket where particles may become trapped.
  • Acme Model CV valves are designed to ASME B16.34 and are CSA B51 compliant (CRN pending).
  • Our ½” and 1″ Fire Control Valves are bellows sealed with extra long stems and pneumatic actuators. Acme Lift Check Valves are available in ½” through 2″ sizes and are intended for jacketed pipe.
  • Available in ½” through 2″ tube sizes, our Ultra High Purity (UHP) Valve is built entirely from machined parts. All connections are butt welded and all stainless steel parts are electropolished to an internal surface finish of 7RA average/14RA maximum. A lift check version is also available.
  • The VSV73 Vacuum Seal-Off Valve and PRV74 Pressure Relief Valve provide rugged, safe and reliable vacuum closure and pressure relief in vacuum insulated applications such as storage or transport containers, transfer lines and pipes.

Built-in the United States from a patented design by North America’s leading cryogenic valve manufacturer, the Acme Model CV exceeds industry standards for reliability and performance and has been field-proven across industry applications by many of the world’s leading companies, health systems, and manufacturers. 


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