Bronze Gate Valves for Cryogenic Service Goddard 302, 306, 310 & 310X Series


  • Top Entry: This union bonnet valve can be permanently installed in the line and serviced from the top
  • Construction:
    Bronze cast body and bonnet
    Rugged construction for long life
    Straight through design for high Cv
    Designed with unique KOLD-SEAL™
  • Sizes: ½” - 3” (15mm - 80mm)
  • Ends: Threaded (FNPT), Sil Braze Tube (SBT), or with stainless steel pipe nipples brazed in
  • Service: Liquified and vaporized atmospheric gases, LNG
  • Temperature Rating: -325°F - +150°F (-196°C +65°C)
  • Pressure Rating: (Cold, Non-shock)
    310, 310x Series 300 PSIG
    302 Series 400 PSIG
    306 Series 600 PSIG

    Designed to MSS SP-80 and ASME B31.3
    Sizes 1.5” - 3.0” PED approved per EN 10204, 3.1
  • Soft Seated Series 310 & 310X: Solid wedge with PCTFE (Neoflon®) provides a bubble tight seal and is replaceable.
  • Metal Seated Series 302 & 306: Split wedge made of Bronze and also replaceable.

Gate design for high flow applications.
Straight-through flow for highest Cv rating in the industry.

302, 306 Non-Extended stem for selective cold gas applications

310, 310X Extended stem ideal for cryogenic supply applications