RegO® for LNG
Fueling Stations

Keep your customers rolling with dependable, fast fueling from RegO.

RegO brings decades of industry experience to liquid natural gas fueling. When you partner with RegO, you get American innovation, design, and manufacturing on products are 100% tested and backed by a global sales and service team that is knowledgeable and responsive. RegO products enable safer and faster dispensing, with longer service life, and less maintenance to lower your cost of ownership.

The RegO® CryoMac® 4 fueling nozzle

The CryoMac was the first LNG nozzle to pass the strict requirements of ISO12617:2016—the LNG road standard for Europe, and set the bar for safety and ease of operation. The new CryoMac 4 adds even more innovations—improved alignment and engagement, MFR-ADP compatibility, fits all major receptacles, and our patented safety features keep operators safer than ever.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

RegO CryoMac Fueling Valves

CryoMac 3

Used for fast, safe flow of LNG, Methane, and LN2. Positive “safety stop” doesn’t release until triggered after venting trapped gas and before disconnecting the nozzle for added safety and operator protection. Designed to prevent freezing onto the receptacle. Easy access for maintenance on the receptacle end seal, poppet assembly and seat. Compatible with Macro and other receptacle designs


CryoMac 4

The next generation nozzle builds on our safety and ease of use features. Improved alignment and engagement extends seal life and reduces possibility of operator error. Added MFR-ADP compatibility means one nozzle fits all major receptacles.


RegO Breakaway Valves & Couplers

CSM Series

RegO® Goddard high quality welded and welded assemblies are ideal for the manufacturer of original equipment for bulk cryogenic vessels. Using the same technology of our globe valves with SK Series bolt cap, stainless steel bodies and superior works and stainless steel construction pipes are available as a production unit with stainless steel control block and control block brass.

VFL Series Vent Fill/Breakaway Valves

LNG vent/fill breakaways designed to prevent pull away accidents, protect the fill station/dispenser and eliminate unwanted product release.


FQD-10 Series Female Vent Couplers

Designed for safe and easy operation. With more than 100,000 in service worldwide, this is the world’s most popular female vent coupler.


RegO Fueling Hoses

CHS Series Liquid Line Fueling Hose

Designed for LNG dispensers, these stainless steel transfer hoses provide the flexibility and resistance needed for safe operation. The spiral support spring protects the hoses giving a longer term life.


CHB Series Venting Line Vent Hose

The CHB Series are transfer hoses with brass nuts used in the venting line of the LNG dispensers. The flexibility and resistance of these cryogenic hoses guarantee safe operation and easy handling.