RegO® for LNG
transport trailers

RegO delivers fast, dependable LNG flow rates.

The time spent filling and dispensing LNG can make or break a business. RegO LNG flow control products can help you get the job done quickly and safely. Our products are 100% tested and backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, and a global team of technical support to deliver, safe, dependable loading, transport, and unloading.

Valves and components that keep your trucks on the blacktop—and your bottom line in the black.

Built with stainless steel for light weight, our rugged products withstand road vibration and the worst potholes. They are manufactured and tested to deliver bubble-tight closure for maximum safety, but when they flow, they flow fast. When you outfit your LNG bobtails and tankers with RegO components, you can be sure your system has been designed for maximum efficiency.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and faster flow—ask for RegO.

RegO Transport Components

SK Series

Designed for handling LNG liquids through trailer, bulk vessels and piping configurations. Our Kold-Seal® stem seal technology assures a tight seal preventing cryogenic gas loss. The conical seat design allows exceptional flow, positive shutoff and less chance of debris accumulation in the flow path, all resulting in an overall longer service life. Maintenance on the packing and seat is quick and easy. Available in butt weld, socket weld, threaded (FNPT) ends.


110 Series

Designed to withstand the vibration and heavy duty use of liquified and vaporized gas transport, these stainless steel gate valves are rated for clean oxygen use and can be permanently installed in the line and serviced from the top. PCTFE Seat provides a bubble tight seal and is replaceable for fast and easy service. Available in 1/2″- 6″ (15mm – 150mm) and RF flange, butt weld, socket weld, threaded (FNPT) ends.


DV4108 Series

Provides an all stainless steel light-weight, simplified solution for the isolation of pressure relief valves during testing and change out of relief valves and burst discs without requiring evacuation of the vessel and guaranteeing that one port will be available to work during the operation.


DV4108SD Series for pressure relief valves

The DV4108SD04 has the inlet port in the upper position for the easy installation of the micro bulk’s relief pressure line, and the four-outlet port oriented at down position to avoid the humidity going into the PRVs and guarantee proper operation.


886 Series

Designed to prevent back flow in cryogenic systems. Higher fluid capacity (Cv) than poppet or lift check valves. 316L stainless steel investment cast body, cap and arm for high cycle life and superior sealing. This bolted bonnet valve can be permanently installed in the line and services from the top.


CV9400 Series

Stainless Steel Lift Check Valves are designed with a spring-loaded piston for bubble tight sealing performance under cryogenic conditions. Conical seat design provides higher Cv and a bubble-tight seal, one-piece seat assembly prevents possible dislodge of material during vibration. Provides repeatable, lasting performance when exposed to liquid natural gas.


AR Series Angled Relief Valves

The ASME approved 90° relief valves AR Series, provide precise relief set points which protect LNG vessels and piping systems for over-pressurization.


9400 Series Pressure Relief Valves

Specifically designed for vapor line safety relief applications and LNG containers.


1300SS Series PRV Riser Tube

Stainless steel body with fine stem threading. Diameters and threading compatibility with all RegO 9400 Series pressure release valves.