RegO® Ready-To-Go LPG tank valves.

Test & repair in the field without excessive gas loss or tank evacuation.

Most conventional tank valves are not field-repairable. But with RegO, you’re ready to go when you roll up. Our innovations in propane tank valves include our patented RegO MultiBonnet®, the industry’s only field-repairable tank valves that provides users easy access to repair the valve stem packing without disruption of service and without the added cost of evacuating the tank. Jobs that used to take hours now take minutes.

In addition, RegO’s UL-listed, factory installed and tested Presto-Tap® tank fittings provide a quick and easy method of performing a system leak test, saving users time and money, while reducing fugitive emissions by up to 90%.

RegO enables you to test and repair quickly, so that you’re ready to go—on to the next call.

RegO Ready-to-go (RTG) valves

We use high-grade materials and our skilled North Carolina-based workforce designs and builds them to last. And we back them up with an industry-leading 10-year warranty and a 24/7 global support network.

There’s only one way to get RegO 100% made in America quality, long life, and performance—ask your tank provider for RegO Ready-To-Go valves.

RegO Ready-to-go LPG Tank MultiValve®


RegO MultiValves contain UL-listed, factory installed and tested Presto-Tap fitting that provides a quick and easy, cost-effective method of performing a system leak test that saves you time and money while reducing emissions by up to 90%

Field repairable RegO MultiBonnets provide quick and easy repair of bonnet packings without the cost of emptying the tank.

PG8575RL Series

The most complete MultiValve assembly in the LP-Gas industry.

Designed for use in single opening underground ASME containers up to 639 sq. ft. surface area, and above ground ASME containers up to 192 sq. ft. surface area.

Combines low emission double back check filler valve, vapor equalizing valve, pressure relief valve, MultiBonnet service valve, fixed liquid level gauge, “junior” sized float gauge flange opening and factory installed and tested Presto-Tap.


PT7556R Series

These compact MultiValves are especially suited for vapor withdrawal of ASME containers where compact groupings of components are necessary. Separate filler valves andpressure relief valves are required.

Combines MultiBonnet service valve, vapor equalizing valve with excess flow, fixed liquidlevel gauge and factory installed and tested Presto-Tap.


PT9102R Series

Designed for vapor withdrawal service on ASME and DOT containers or in fuel line applications. Since none of these valves have an integral pressure relief valve, they may only be used as an accessory valve on containers that have an independent pressure relief valve sufficient for that container’s capacity.

Combines MultiBonnet service valve and Presto-Tap value added features into one unit.


PT6543 Series
PT6542 Series

These MultiValves permit vapor withdrawal from ASME containers up to 50 sq. ft. surface area and DOT containers up to 420lb propane capacity. They allow on-site cylinder filling without interrupting gas service.

Combines high capacity double back check filler valve, MultiBonnet service valve, fixed liquid level gauge, pressure relief valve and factory installed and tested Presto-Tap.


Universal Service Tech Kits: Leak detection system diagnostics tools for any application.

The RegO Presto-Tap Universal Service Tech Kit has all the diagnostic tools needed to perform system leak testing at any point of the propane system all in one easy-to-carry bag.

Universal Kit