“Designed” or “Tested” in America is just not the same as Made in America. At RegO, 100% of our LPG regulators are designed, manufactured and tested in North Carolina by U.S. workers.
When your customers demand American quality, it pays to learn the facts.

100% designed in America for more than 110 years.

Other companies try to copy RegO innovations. But without the complete RegO design, a foundation of quality components, and the experienced U.S. workforce to build and test, the competition cannot match our performance.

100% of components Made in America. Quality starts with quality parts.

Zinc diecast bodies, metal and nylon components deliver superior performance and last longer than cheap aluminum and plastic alternatives.

100% assembled in America.

RegO designs and builds all of our LPG regulators in North Carolina. We employ 435+ experienced workers dedicated to delivering high performing, worry-free, long lasting LPG regulators.

100% testing done in our North Carolina facility.

From incoming component quality to final assembly testing for leakage, lock up and set pressure, RegO regulators meet or exceed UL 144 and NFPA 58 standards.

American innovation

RegO sets the standard for years of dependable performance, lower costs, fewer service calls, and more satisfied end users.

Easier to identify and log

Quickly find the information you need. Our patented laser-engraved part number, date code, and serial number matches the two included GASCheck™ Labels.

Quality that stands the test of time

From incoming component quality to final assembly testing for leakage, lock up and set pressure,

Superior control
Rigid diaphragm plate transmits pressure variations to control linkage.

Easy to service
Inlet nozzle removes easily so seat disc can be cleaned or replaced quickly.

Reliable service
Straight line seat disc to nozzle construction enables sure closing at lock up pressure and even seat disc wear.

Easy to adjust
Forgot your screwdriver? Adjusting screw can be easily turned by hand.