RegO® 4286 Series, 4289 Series & 4291 Series




The 4286, 4289, and 4291 series Inertrol outfits are three stage nitrogen regulators especially designed to maintain oil filled transformer atmospheres at 0.5 psig (.03 barg). Each Inertrol outfit consists of a two-stage regulator connected in series to a highly sensitive single-stage regulator which maintains the 0.5 psig (.03 barg) pressure. A built-in pressure relief valve in the third stage regulator helps protect against over-pressurization of the system. Inertrol units are designed for oil-filled transformers manufactured by ABB, Inc., General Electric, and Cooper Power. Some outfits are equipped with an alarm switch that activates a customer equipped warning device should the cylinder pressure drop below 300 psig (20 barg) .