REGO-LOK™ for Securing CGA Fittings on Liquid Cylinders

Satisfies CGA SB-26 and FDA requirements for medical and industrial liquid cylinders.


The REGO-LOK™ is designed for installation on the Rego T9450 and T9460 Series liquid cylinder valves to deter and prevent the removal of the CGA fitting from the valve. The REGO-LOK™ retains standard CGA outlet connection so unauthorized persons do not remove the fitting. By use of a special one-way bolt, the REGO-LOK™ is secured to the valve. The REGO-LOK™ installs in a few minutes with the use of screwdrivers. REGO-LOK™ installs without valve disassembly, brazing, welding, or drilling. The REGO-LOK™ deters and prevents fitting removal by gas customers, however allows the replacement of fittings by authorized gas supplier plant personnel.

Use The REGO-LOK™ for compliance with CGA SB-26 for medical and industrial liquid cylinders.


  • Stainless Steel REGO-LOK™ with one-way bolt.
  • Retrofit all common liquid cylinder valves.
  • Can be supplied on new Rego liquid cylinder valves.
  • Worn CGA fittings can be simply replaced by authorized personnel. Requires new 9464RL-6 Bolt
  • Can fit over existing fittings for CGA 540, CGA 440, CGA 295, CGA 320, and CGA 326. Check fitting hex size.
  • Prevents loosening of CGA fittings on valves.

NOTE: Rego supplied fitting P/N CGA580RL is required for REGO-LOK™ use with CGA 580 connection.