May 13th – 17th

May 21st-22nd

June 18 – 20

June 6th
OPW is evolving by creating new specialized business units from the OPW Clean Energy Solutions segment! Introducing “OPW Propane Energy Solutions”.

Tailored to master the complexities of the cryogenics, hydrogen, LNG, and LPG markets, both divisions are poised to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cleaner and greener energy.

“At OPW, we are constantly looking for ways to improve so that we can better serve our customers, and the creation of these two distinct business units is a perfect example of that.” – Kevin Long, President of OPW.

Guiding these efforts, Chuck Liebal and Chad Thomas bring their seasoned expertise to the table.
OPW Clean Energy Solutions
& OPW Propane Energy Solutions