RegO® LPG Field Topics

In its continuing quest for safety, RegO® publishes a series of Field Topics that provide useful information to LP-Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia dealers concerning the use and misuse of RegO Products. In addition, RegO publishes Warning Bulletins which cover many hazards in more detail. These warning Bulletins can be found in the RegO Products L-500 and L-102 Catalogs. Field Topics and Warning Bulletins are not intended to conflict with federal, state, or local ordinances and regulations. These should be observed at all times.

For more information refer to NFPA 58 – Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code, NFPA 54 – National Fuel Gas Code, National Propane Gas Association Safety Handbook, RegO Products LP-Gas Service Manual, RegO L-500 and L-102 Catalogs, ANSI K61.1 – Safety Requirements for Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia, Local Codes, and Ordinances.