RegO MultiBonnet® Assemblies

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RegO Multibonnet® Assemblies

The MultiBonnet assembly is designed to allow for quick and easy repair of bonnet stem packing in certain RegO Multivalve® assemblies and service valves on active propane systems. If the container is empty, then the entire MultiBonnet assembly can be replaced as well.

The MultiBonnet feature allows for repair of the valve’s bonnet stem packing in minutes, without interrupting gas service to your customers or removal of product in your container. To repair the bonnet stem packing, a 19104-80 repair kit should be used. Repair is simple and can be done by following the steps below:

There are two ways to repair the RegO Multi-Bonnet Assembly:

  1. Valve closed — valve should be fully closed if it is installed on tank or cylinder that is pressurized but not connected to an operating LP-Gas system.
  2. Valve open — valve should be fully open and back seated if it is installed on a tank or cylinder that is pressurized and connected to an operating LP-Gas system.

Step 1:

For repair with valve in service, turn the handwheel counterclockwise as far as possible to assure valve is completely opened and back seated.

Step 2:

Remove self-tapping screw and handwheel.

Step 3:

Holding the lower section of the MultiBonnet assembly in place with a wrench, use a second wrench to remove the upper bonnet packing assembly.

Step 4:

Thread the new upper bonnet packing assembly into the lower section of the MultiBonnet assembly.

Step 5:

Tighten upper packing assembly with 50 to 75 inch/pounds torque.

Step 6:

Reassemble the handwheel and check valve for leaks.

To replace the entire MultiBonnet assembly a 19104-50 repair kit should be used. All gas MUST be evacuated from the container before starting repairs.

Can I convert a Standard Bonnet to a MultiBonnet assembly?

Yes, the replacement 19104-50 kit can be used to convert from standard style bonnets to MultiBonnet in the following series of RegO valves ONLY. 


Do not attempt to convert any other bonnet or valve.

Standard Styles Bonnet as pictured below cannot be converted

Ordering RegO Multivalve with a MultiBonnet assembly

To order a Multivalve with a MultiBonnet assembly specify a RegO Ready-To-Go™ valve. Ready-To-Go  valves include the RegO Multibonnet assembly and Presto-Tap® fitting. Additionally, in your selection process look for the MultiBonnet selection in the RegO L-500 catalog. Typically valves with the letter “R” in the part number will indicate a MultiBonnet assembly.

Should you have any questions or concern, please contact Cody Reeves

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