Please review all applicable code requirements prior to installation of this product.
Intended for use outside the USA.

Switch your current relief valve and lower your cost to meet code requirements for relief valve replacement.

The RegO® Ready-To-Go® RTG2831 Series is designed for use as a primary relief valve on above ground domestic and small industrial bulk DOT LPG containers. When used in conjunction with a design engineered relief check device, it permits the exchange of the relief valve without the necessity of evacuating the container. This means you save time and money when replacing your relief valves to meet code.

How the RegO RTG2831 works

When the RTG2831 relief valve is assembled the check device is open

When the relief valve is NOT assembled the check device is closed

Replace the relief valve & seal without evacuating the tank

RTG2831N375 Features

Relief valve RS3131

  • Provides “pop action” performance
  • Parallel thread and bonded seal mating features
  • A “tell-tale” hole is incorporated on the connection thread, which indicates the check valve status (closed) and the safe removal of the relief valve

Check Device CD28

  • Provides method to change relief valve without emptying the container contents
  • Generous flow channels with a low pressure drop for optimum performance
  • A metal-to-metal seat on the check device allows for a “signal flow” of gas to act as a reminder to the technician to replace relief valve when the valve is removed.

Sealing gasket CD31-8

  • Provides a vapor tight seal between the check device and relief valve without the use of liquid sealant or tap that could impact relief valve performance

Calculate your Savings

Enter your hourly service rate and see the difference when you don’t have to evacuate the tank to change your PRVs.

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There’s only one way to lower costs associated with relief valve code requirements—ask for RegO.

Only individuals properly trained in the safe handling of propane and related equipment, as required by law, should be permitted to do so.

WARNING: RegO CD check devices and RS relief valves are ONLY permitted to be used and installed in conjunction with one another. RegO prohibits the use of other manufacturers’ products in this assembly. Failure to use only a RegO check device with a RegO RS relief valve could result in improper fitting, sealing and relieving capacity could occur, which could result in a fire or explosion and possible personal injury or property damage.