RegO® LPG Literature

To order physical copies of our literature please contact the Authorized RegO Distributor in your region. To download PDF, right click and save the document.

L-500 Catalog
A detailed catalog of RegO equipment for LP Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia.

RPT-102 Catalog
RegO Regulators and Presto-Tap Information

L-545 Serviceman’s Manual

L-550 Regulator Selection Slide Chart 
(Available in the RegO App)

Catálogo L-102SV Equipo de Gas LP y Amoníaco Anhidro

L-592 Manual de Servicio para el Instalador de Gas-LP

NH3-102 Catalog
RegO equipment for Anhydrous Ammonia

2020 Featured Products Information Brochure

REG-550 Regulator- Cheat Sheet

REG-551 1st Stage and 2 PSI Regulators

REG-552 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Regulators

REG-553 High Pressure Regulators

REG-554 Twin Stage Regulators

REG-555 Regulator Selection

TG-105 LP-Gas Application Guide

RV-550 Relief Valve Information

2021 Featured Products Information Brochure

2022 Featured Products Information Brochure