RegO® LPG Literature

To order physical copies of our literature please contact the Authorized RegO Distributor in your region. To download PDF, right click and save the document.

2024 Featured Products Brochure

RPT-102 Catalog
RegO Regulators and Presto-Tap Information

L-545 Serviceman’s Manual

L-550 Regulator Selection Slide Chart 
(Available in the RegO App)

L-500 Catalog
A detailed catalog of RegO equipment for LP Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia.

Catálogo L-102SV Equipo de Gas LP y Amoníaco Anhidro

L-592 Manual de Servicio para el Instalador de Gas-LP

NH3-102 Catalog
RegO equipment for Anhydrous Ammonia

2020 Featured Products Information Brochure

REG-550 Regulator- Cheat Sheet

REG-551 1st Stage and 2 PSI Regulators

REG-552 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Regulators

REG-553 High Pressure Regulators

REG-554 Twin Stage Regulators

REG-555 Regulator Selection

TG-105 LP-Gas Application Guide

RV-550 Relief Valve Information

2021 Featured Products Information Brochure

2022 Featured Products Information Brochure

2023 Featured Products Brochure