RegO LPG Webinars

All RegO Distributors and Marketers are welcome to join RegO’s fall webinar training series. We will be covering multiple applications and products found on domestic propane gas installations.

This will be a limited event held at 300 invitations. Please email to register.
Please provide name, company information, dates, and time slot.

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Wednesday, October 13th

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT)

Multivalve® Assemblies

RegO Multivalve® devices were pioneered in the 1930’s. By combining several valve functions in one unit, Multivalve® device made possible new and more practical tank designs with fewer openings and smaller, less cumbersome protective hoods. They received immediate acceptance in the industry. 

Wednesday, October 27th

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT)

Filler Valves

Designed for installation in liquid transfer lines at LPG fueling stations or other small pipe installations. The new valves provide for quick shut-off of flow in the event of an accidental line break, or hose rupture. These ESVs also utilize a thermal fuse assembly that will shut-off flow in case of fire.

Friday, October 29th

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT

Chek-lok® Liquid Withdrawal Valves

R7590U & 7591U Chek-Loks are designed for liquid evacuation of LP-Gas containers​. They may also be used on permanent installations where liquid LP-Gas is required for the appliance and/or system. Objective: To SAFELY empty liquid propane from an ASME container into another storage vessel (tank), or Bobtail truck

Wednesday, November 3rd

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT)

Pressure Relief Valves

Low profile design ensures

RegO Relief Valves are Made in America and Made to Last.
Choose RegO for your next decade of worry free operation

Relief valves should be inspected each time the container is filled but no less than once a year. If there is any doubt about the condition of the relief valve, it should be replaced.

Wednesday, November 17th

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT)

Emergency Shut-off Valve’s/Globe & Angle Valves

Low profile design ensures maximum protection against shearing or distortion.​

Longer spring size designed to minimize stress cracking in service.​

Internal octagonal wrenching broach ensures easy installation and removal.​

Friday, November 19th

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT

Relief Valves & Manifolds

Designed especially for the protection of piping and shut-off valves where there is a possibility of trapping liquid LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia. They may be installed in pipelines and hoses located between shut-off valves or in the side boss of RegO shut-off

Wednesday, December 1st

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT

Internal Valves

Designed primarily for use with LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia as a main valve on pumping systems, and in-line installations.​

  • Spring loaded V-packing with heavy duty wiper ring on operating shaft for dependable leak-free construction.​
  • Built in excess flow valve​
  • Pneumatic, rotary, electric and cable actuation available

Friday, December 3rd

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT

Flomatic® Pressure Differential Internal Valves

Designed primarily for use with LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia as a main valve on pumping systems. The valve is fully automatic, opening and closing as the pump is turned on or off.

  • Operates on pressure differential from the pump to open and Close​
  • Automatically closes should downstream line rupture causing loss of pump differential pressure required to keep the valve open

Wednesday, December 8th

• 9:15-10:15AM (ET) 6:15-7:15AM (PT)
• 11:15-12:15PM (ET) 8:15-9:15AM (PT

Excess Flow & Back Check Valves

Designed for use in conjunction with our 6588LE and 6589LE low emission filler valves installed on bobtails and transports. The valves are designed to stop flow out of the container when the hand- wheel is closed. They incorporate an automatic integral back check that is designed to allow flow back into the container to prevent liquid from becoming trapped between the 6588/89LE and the closed globe/ angle valve.

Webinar Conductor:

​​Cody Reeves – LPG Tech. Services Manager

10+ years as a Propane Service Technician including installation and service of gas equipment.​​

State of CT Licensed Gas & Oil contractor.​​

Graduated from a Technical high school majoring in HVAC.​