RegO® LPG Featured Products

RegO LPG products are recognized worldwide for their performance, long service life, and long life. This results in an easy-to-use portfolio of products that make service fast—and less frequent— to lower your cost of ownership.

These competitive advantages are the result of our focus on product innovation. We listen to our customers and field service people and work hard to solve their problems. We’re proud of our accomplishments, so let us introduce you to some new members of the RegO LPG family.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

LV4403Y66 and LV4403Y66R Series Second Stage Backmount Regulators for 2 PSI Systems

Designed to reduce first stage pressure of 10 PSIG down to 2 PSIG. A line pressure regulator is required downstream to reduce the 2 PSIG to a nominal 11” w.c. Mounts directly to house line piping. Eliminates need for union joints, elbows, and mounting brackets. Quick and easy to install.


A6006 & A6008 Series 3/4” & 1” Swing-Check ESV for small pipe installations

Designed for installation in liquid transfer lines at LPG fueling stations or other small pipe installations. The new valves provide for quick shut-off of flow in the event of an accidental line break, or hose rupture. These ESVs also utilize a thermal fuse assembly that will shut-off flow in case of fire.


RTG2831 Series Pressure Relief Valve with Check Device
For Use Outside the United States

Designed for use as a primary relief valve on DOT domestic and small industrial bulk LPG containers. When used in conjunction with a design engineered Relief Check Device, it permits the exchange of the relief valve without the necessity of evacuating the container.


RegO App

Our free, downloadable app gets even better. Now with:

  • Relief Valve Sizing
  • New pipe sizing calculator
  • Maximum BTU load added in cal-culator
  • RegO Regulator selector sheet
  • Regulator performance curves.
  • Relief valve calculator for LPG &NH3
  • Links to RegO field topics

RegO Presto-Tap® Universal Service Tech Diagnostic & Leak Test Kit

The RegO Presto-Tap Universal Service Tech Kit has all the diagnostic tools needed to perform system leak testing at any point of the propane system all in one easy-to-carry bag.


A7568LE Series Low Emission Unloading Adapter

Designed for use in conjunction with our 6588LE and 6589LE low emission filler valves on bobtails and transports. Valve is designed to unload through the filler valves. Stem position is controlled by the hand-wheel with a durable ACME thread for maximum travel with minimal rotation. Stem opens upper check of filler valve and allow flow out of the tank.


A5777 Series Reducer Coupling

Reduce a 3 1/4 ACME connection to a 1 3/4 ACME connection. Specifically designed to allow for operation of interlock switches which control the safety systems of transport vehicles to allow for the pump to be used for unloading and evacuation purposes. The stainless steel flange is flush mounted to the ACME reducer.


FA6010, FA6016, & FA6024 Series Flanged ESVs for bulk plants

Designed for installation in liquid transfer lines at LPG or Anhydrous Ammonia bulk plants to provide for quick shut-off of liquid or vapor flow in the event of an accidental pull-away, line break, or hose rup- ture.


3195S & A3195S Series ACME Hose Couplings for liquid or vapor service with integral screen

Designed to prevent debris from entering and impeding the action of valves and components in LPG piping systems at bulk and industrial plants.