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RegO LPG products are recognized worldwide for their performance, long service life, and long life. This results in an easy-to-use portfolio of products that make service fast—and less frequent— to lower your cost of ownership.

These competitive advantages are the result of our focus on product innovation. We listen to our customers and field service people and work hard to solve their problems. We’re proud of our accomplishments, so let us introduce you to some new members of the RegO LPG family.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

Flanged Internal Valves

Stainless steel internal valve series for use with LP-Gas or NH3 on bobtails, transports, storage plants, or nurse tanks. Fits in both full and half couplings as well as in-line applications and can be actuated manually, by remote cable, or by various actuator types (sold separately). Available options: flanged and threaded with 3” inlet/outlet and threaded 1 ¼” inlet/outlet for small capacity pumping or bobtail vapor equalization.


Stainless Steel Soft Seat Back Checks & Flow Valves

Designed to provide protection of a container opening when desired flow is always into the vessel. May be used in line applications where flow must be limited to one direction.

When used with the appropriate single check filler valve, the combination forms a double check filler valve suitable for use in filling of bulk storage tanks.


Stainless Steel & Brass Flange Adapters 

Flange Unions provide a convenient method for connecting pipe and installing valves with mating connection. Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel to ensure durability and a long service life, they are available with NPT and Socket Weld connections, and can operate within a temperature range of -40°F to +165°F (-40°C to +73°C), with a MAWP of 400 PSIG (27 Bar).


Stainless Steel Flanged Y-Globe Valves

Designed for liquid or vapor service in bulk storage containers, transports, bobtails, cylinder filling plants, and plant piping, this valve ensures positive shut-off and maintenance-free longevity. It features a “V”-ring spring-loaded pressure stem seal for leak-proof operation, eliminating the need for re-tightening/replacing packing. The valve’s Y-type globe stem and seat are positioned at approximately 45°, offering a straighter flow-path at full opening. Ideal for LP-Gas, anhydrous ammonia, and use in the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Stainless Steel Flanged Angle Valves

Built for liquid or vapor service in bulk storage containers, transports, bobtails, cylinder filling plants, and plant piping, providing reliable shut-off without the need for maintenance. Built to high standards and available in multiple sizes, this valve is suited for handling LP-Gas, anhydrous ammonia, and within the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Its leak-proof design is achieved through a “V”-ring spring-loaded pressure stem seal, eliminating the hassle of frequent tightening or replacement. Dropped seat in the angle design enables greater flow with less pressure drop.


Stainless Steel Flanged Sight Flow Indicator

Designed to promote maximum pump efficiency, these indicators enable bobtail operators to visually inspect liquid flow conditions. With glass on both sides of the indicator, flow can be observed from either side, even under some poor light conditions. The integral swing check also serves as a back-check valve to prevent reverse flow and product loss if the hose fails in a loading operation. By installing an indicator on the upstream side of the pump, suction conditions can be observed, and the pump speed adjusted to obtain the maximum possible flow rate without cavitation.


Flange Seal Liquid Transfer Angle Valves for Bulk Storage Containers

These liquid transfer valves are equipped with an integral excess flow valve for liquid transfer directly from the tank fitting, or without an integral excess flow for LP-Gas transfer through a Check-Lok®. When equipped with an integral excess flow valve (7550PX), the valve should be mounted in a forged steel 3000 lb. half coupling. When mounted in a 1¼” x ¾” NPT reducing coupling, the ¾” female thread in this coupling must be full length — equivalent to a forged steel 3000 lb. half coupling.


Hose End Valve Holster 

Designed to provide a sturdy and robust holder to store quick-acting hose end valves for dispensary, bobtail, and transport applications. This holster allows for mounting fully above deck or partially recessed in the deck of a bobtail. Additionally, the angularity can be adjusted to allow for desired orientation. The holster can also be adjusted to allow for side mounting when needing to mount inside of a cabinet.


Flanged Tee & Elbows

Sweep tee and elbow connectors are designed to minimizing pressure drop thru the outlet of the piping resulting in higher flow rates and greater pump efficiency. Available in 2” pipe configurations with flanged, butt weld, and socket weld options, including one built for bobtail pump discharge.  When a close elbow is desired, we offer a 90-degree close elbow that attaches with a socket weld and 4 bolts designed to be used in conjunction with RegO flanged adapters, excess flow and back check valves.



Female ACME Caps, complete with an adjustable cable. Crafted from premium brass, these caps ensure long-lasting performance and resistance against corrosion, providing a leak-proof fit and enhancing system integrity. The inclusion of an adjustable cable adds an extra layer of convenience and security, allowing for quick and easy attachment to prevent loss or misplacement during operation or maintenance.


Needle Valves

The RegO MF250 series may be used as a small, inexpensive shut-off valve between a pressure gauge and bulk storage container to allow for convenient gauge replacement. Crafted from premium brass for years of corrosion resistance and worry-free performance, these needle valves are available in ¼” male NPT inlets, and ¼” female NPT outlet connections with straight or angled body orientations.


Pressure Gauges Snubber

Pressure snubbers protect your pressure gauge from pressure spikes, surges, and damaging pulsation. Snubbers extend the life of your pressure gauges because they protect the internal components from seeing harsh spikes and surges that could cause. Manufactured with premium brass for corrosion resistance and years of reliable performance.


Teflon Seat Angle Valves  

Specifically designed to ensure positive shut-off and long, maintenance-free service life in liquid or vapor service on bulk storage containers, transports, bobtails, cylinder filling plants and plant piping. The high-quality construction and wide variety of sizes make them highly suited for use with LP-Gas, anhydrous ammonia and in the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Threaded Internal Valves 

Designed primarily for use with LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia for liquid withdrawal; vapor transfer or vapor equalization of bobtail delivery trucks, transports, stationary storage tanks, and in-line installations. The valve may be operated manually by cable or pneumatically.


First Stage Regulator LV4403TR66

Designed to deliver accurate first-stage regulation in complex systems, including two-stage bulk tank setups or configurations involving multiple cylinders. It reduces tank pressure down to an intermediate pressure of 5 to 10 PSIG (0.34 to 0.69 BARG). It can also be used to supply high-pressure burners, crucial for the efficient operation of industrial furnaces or boilers.


LPV-Series Ball Valve with Presto-Tap® fitting

This innovative gas ball valve comes equipped with the LDS2000RV Presto-Tap® fitting in the outlet tap, revolutionizing pressure testing and leak detection processes. It effectively eliminates the need for a test tee and reduces labor costs associated with installation. Designed for efficiency, it offers quick access for obtaining accurate pressure readings and conducting leak tests without breaking into the system, by utilizing the proper Presto-Tap® gauge for the selected testing location. 


Presto-Tap® Kits 

The Presto-Tap kit is ideal for obtaining pressure readings and leak testing at tank pressure, first stage, two pound and low pressure (0-20 OZ) locations without breaking the system. It includes a new 12” stainless steel flex hose, complete with gauge bleeder and straight quick adapters. The kit features a selection of gauges to cover all your needs: a 300 lb psi gauge for ambient temperature readings, a 30 lb psi gauge, a 5 lb gauge, and a specialized 0-20 OZ (0-35” wc) gauge for low-pressure areas, each equipped with a straight quick adapter and cap for secure attachment. 


Presto-Tap 12” Hose Assembly and 90° Quick Connect Fitting

Available Presto-Tap accessories include:

  • A 12” flexible stainless steel hose assembly with bleeder & ¼” quick connect adapter for Presto-Tap Gauges 
  • A 90° quick connect fitting is designed to be fitted on the end of your Presto-Tap hose assembly with straight connectors. This fitting eliminates the need for 2 separate hose assemblies when connecting to the Presto-Tap on RegO Multivalve ® assemblies.


Presto-link© Bluetooth Gauge Kits

The Presto-link Bluetooth gauge solution provides a convenient means to obtain pressure readings thru the RegO App on your Android® or iOS® mobile device. Gauges include Quick Connect Adapters for easy installation. Kit options include straight  or 90° connections, 36” flexible hose assembly fitted with bleeder and quick adapter assembly for connection to the Presto-Tap Fittings, and red/black case covers to indicate low or high pressure. Bluetooth range is up to 100 feet.


Presto-Tap® Fittings 

Patented, UL Listed Presto-Tap® products are designed to obtain pressure readings and perform leak test without breaking into the system by utilizing the proper Presto-Tap® gauge for the selected testing location. Applications include: gauging tank pressure, regulator installation, and as a permanently installed fitting between the tank service valve and first stage regulator to provide leak test capability without the use of tool or the need to discard the pigtail to access tank pressure.


High Capacity Liquid Withdrawal Valves for NH3

The A8012E is designed especially for use as a high-capacity liquid withdrawal valve on anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks or risers. This valve incorporates an integral excess flow valve; when the valve is in operation the handwheel must be completely open and back-seated to allow the excess flow valve to function properly as explained in the excess flow section of our L-500 and L-102 catalogs.


Extended Double-Check Filler Valves & Extension Retrofit Kit

The E7579 is a manual double-back check filler valve that incorporates two resilient upper checks. It also provides an additional height when connecting your hose end valve without the need for a filler extension. The additional height of this filler valve reduces the chance of exposure to dirt, debris, etc. that typically occur in underground tank applications. The E7579-KIT Extension Retrofit Kit is designed to extend the filler valve section upward on the L7579, when it is necessary to allow for an extended filler connection. 


External Hydrostatic Relief Valves 

Designed for the safeguarding of piping and shut-off valves in environments at risk of trapping liquid LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia. It’s ideal for installation within pipelines and hoses situated between shut-off valves or can be integrated into the side boss of RegO shut-off valves, offering versatile application options. These valves are essential for preventing the accumulation of hazardous gases, ensuring a secure and reliable gas flow system. 


Hose End Adapters for DOT Cylinder Filling 

Designed to provide quick and easy filling of DOT cylinders with POL or Type I connections. This adapter may be used with hydraulic and electric automatic systems or with manual systems in conjunction with a RegO 7901TB Quick Acting Shut-Off Valve. These filling connectors have an extended connection on the handwheel, which makes it possible to connect the loading hose to valves on cylinders with fixed collars. The handwheel is well outside the collar for easy operation.


High Pressure First Stage Regulators 

Crafted for high-pressure systems, this device ensures precise first-stage regulation in complex setups such as two-stage bulk tank systems or multi-cylinder configurations. It lowers tank pressure to an intermediate range of 5 to 10 PSIG (0.34 to 0.69 BARG), making it ideal for controlling high-pressure environments. Additionally, it can play a role in supplying high-pressure burners necessary for the smooth functioning of industrial furnaces or boilers. Renowned for its reliability, durability, and precision in pressure regulation, this device delivers peak performance and safety in demanding industrial applications.


RegO® App with Presto-Link® Bluetooth

The Presto-Link Bluetooth device communicates with the RegO app to allow for pressure readings to be obtained on your Android® or iOS® mobile device from up to 100-feet away. The result is a safe, secure, efficient, and cost-effective way for on-site service personnel to obtain pressure readings to assist with fine tuning and troubleshooting a propane vapor system.


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