RegO® LPG Featured Products

RegO LPG products are recognized worldwide for their performance, long service life, and long life. This results in an easy-to-use portfolio of products that make service fast—and less frequent— to lower your cost of ownership.

These competitive advantages are the result of our focus on product innovation. We listen to our customers and field service people and work hard to solve their problems. We’re proud of our accomplishments, so let us introduce you to some new members of the RegO LPG family.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

Flanged Internal Valves

Stainless steel internal valve series for use with LP-Gas or NH3 on Bobtails, Transports, Storage Plants, or Nurse tanks. Fits in both full and half couplings as well as in-line applications and can be actuated manually, by remote cable, or by various actuator types (sold separately).


Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

These actuators provide the opening and closing of valves in hard to reach or remote areas. Useful on bobtail delivery trucks, transport trailers, and bulk plants, their remote control can safely be piped to almost any location.


Stainless Steel Soft Seat Back Checks

Designed to provide protection of a container opening when desired flow is always into the vessel. May be used in line applications where flow must be limited to one direction.

When used with the appropriate single check filler valve, the combination forms a double check filler valve suitable for use in filling of bulk storage tanks.


Presto-link© Bluetooth Gauge Kits
(Patent Pending)

Presto-link© bluetooth gauge solution provides a convenient means to obtain pressure readings thru the RegO App on your mobile device. This kit includes a Presto-link© Bluetooth Gauge and quick adapter assembly, 36” Flexible hose assembly fitted with bleeder and quick adapter assembly for connection to the Presto-Tap Fittings.


Extended Double-Check Filler Valves

The E7579 is a RegO manual double-back check filler valve that incorporates two resilient upper checks. It also provides an additional height when connecting your hose end valve without the need for a filler extension. The additional height of this filler valve reduces the chance of exposure to dirt, debris, etc. that typically occur in underground tank applications.


Hose End Adapters for DOT Cylinder Filling

Designed to provide quick and easy filling of DOT cylinders with Type I connections.


LV4403TR9V9 & LV4403TR96V9 First Stage Regulator

First stage regulator with vent at 9 O’clock vent position. Provides the ability to install the regulator with vent pointed downwards and Pressure gauge port pointed upwards. Good practices on underground containers.


Twin stage regulator outfit kit

This outfit contains the equipment required to provide LV404B4 twin-stage regulation, includes a new 20” 912JS20 pigtail. This helps ensure that a new pigtail is installed along with the regulator.



Plastic protective case with thick foam padding and double padlock tabs. The smallcase will be replacing the holster included in the PTB series and can be ordered separately. Outside dimensions: 10.1″ x 8.0″ x 3.2″ Inside dimensions: 9.7″ x 5.7″ x 2.8″


LPV-Series Ball Valve with Presto-Tap® fitting

Gas ball valve fitted with LDS2000RV Presto-Tap® fitting in the outlet tap. Eliminates need for test tee and labor for installation. Provides quick access to obtain pressure readings and perform leak tests without breaking into the system by utilizing the proper Presto-Tap® gauge for the selected testing location.


SS8000K Series Hydrostatic Relief Valves

Stainless Steel hydrostatic relief valve with 375 PSIG start to discharge setting. Designed especially for the protection of piping and shut-off valves where there is a possibility of trapping liquid LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia. They may be installed in pipelines and hoses located between shut-off valves or in the side boss of RegO shut-off valves.


A6000 Series Handle Kit

Replacement handle kit for the 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 2” and 3” Emergency Shut Off Valves (ESV). This kit includes necessary components to replace an existing rotary actuator with pneumatic or cable actuation. Pneumatic and cable actuator must be ordered separately.

LV404Y9V9 & LV404Y39V9  2 PSIG Twin Stage Regulator

2 PSIG Twin Stage Regulator with vent at 9 O’clock vent position. Provides the ability to install the regulator with vent pointed downwards and Pressure gauge port pointed upwards. 


E7579-KIT Extension Retrofit Kit

The E7579-KIT Extension Retrofit Kit is designed to extend the filler valve section upward on the L7579 when it is necessary to allow for an extended filler connection.


RegO App

Our free, downloadable app gets even better. Now with:

  • Relief Valve Sizing
  • New pipe sizing calculator
  • Maximum BTU load added in calculator
  • RegO Regulator selector sheet
  • Regulator performance curves.
  • Relief valve calculator for LPG &NH3
  • Links to RegO field topics

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Presto-Tap® Fittings

The patented, UL Listed Presto-Tap® fittings are designed to obtain pressure readings and perform leak test without breaking into the system by utilizing the proper Presto-Tap® gauge for the selected testing location. Legal installed at any point in the system.


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