The RegO® App

Presto-Link In the field.

RegO® Presto-Link – Fast, accurate testing for LPG tanks and regulators.

The RegO app features connection to the Presto-Link Bluetooth device that communicates with RegO Presto-Tap product line that is placed on the propane-system component(s) that needs to be checked or tested. The result is a safe, secure, efficient and cost-effective way for on-site service personnel to test for leaks, obtain pressure readings and confirm the pressure of propane in storage tanks that eliminates the manual recording of results, i.e., “pencil whipping,” that can result in misread, misinterpreted or misreported readings.

The RegO® App is a convenient way to carry the tools you’ve been using for years in the palm of your hand. The easy-to-use interface includes new features including the ability to perform paperless propane safety documentation checks or tests paperless:

  • ·Leak Check
  • ·Appliance Check
  • ·Gas Check
  • ·Cathodic Protection Check

To ensure accurate customer information the RegO App customer portal provides integration thru the Cargas back-office software. This integration allows for accurate data transfer thru the back-office software. We understand that some customers have heavily invested in their management software, and we’ve made sure to create a very flexible and dynamic data-sharing platform. The RegO portal can also be used when integration is not possible.

The Leak Check process connected with the Presto-link device eliminates manual entry errors and false test results. During the leak check process the system and start pressure are recorded thru leak check workflow; or the test results are automatically based on the pressure data recorded by the RegO App

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PT36KIT Series
This kit includes a Presto-link© Bluetooth Gauge and quick adapter assembly, 36” Flexible hose assembly fitted with bleeder and quick adapter assembly for connection to the Presto-Tap Fittings.

PTKIT Series
This kit includes a Presto-link© Bluetooth Gauge, bleeder and quick adapter assembly for connection to the Presto-Tap Fittings.

PTKGA Series
This kit includes a Presto-link© Bluetooth Gauge and quick adapter assembly.

RegO® Presto-Link Training Videos

RegO Connect Product Application Security Features

As part of the Secure development process for the RegO Connect, Dover performed a series of Security testing processes to ensure the highest quality and most secure application experience possible. Below are the Product Security processed that were utilized:
Review and update product threat model
We performed application threat modeling specific to the REGO mobile application functions and feature utilizing the following steps:

  • Security Analysis testing of the Flow of information through the system including external entities, trust boundaries and data stores.
  • Secure Analysis of communication protocols, including physical connections as applicable.
  • Analysis of all potential attack vectors and threats in accordance with SSDLC ( Secure Software Development Life Cycle) practices

Perform Open-source software composition analysis

  • We performed a software composition Analysis on the REGO application as well

Perform security vulnerability testing
We also performed a security vulnerability test as an extra layer of security . Our Security testing includes the following:

  • Testing of abuse cases and malformed or unexpected input.
  • Attack surface analysis
  • Black box vulnerability scanning
  • Security requirements testing
  • Testing of potential threats from Threat model analysis.