RegO® for anhydrous ammonia

Improved crop yields start with RegO flow control components for NH3.

The use of anhydrous ammonia as a fertilizer has revolutionized crop yields for farmers. However, if not properly handled, NH3 can over or under fertilize crops, and create dangerous situations if a tank leaks or spills. That’s why tank manufacturers look to RegO for quality, safety and long service life. When you partner with RegO, you get 100% tested products, with an industry-leading ten year warranty, backed by a global sales and service team that is knowledgeable and responsive.

Dependable, even application for faster fertilization.

RegO components give you complete control of NH3 flow during the filling, storage, and dispensing to keep application safe and effective, with little to no maintenance. Our products are designed to help you get those most out of applicator and nurse tanks, extend hose life, and keep you rolling. RegO saves farmers time and money.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

RegO Anhydrous Ammonia Components

A8012, A8017 Series Liquid Withdrawal Valves

Designed for high capacity liquid withdrawal on NH3 containers, this valve is equipped with a soft-seated automatic differential back pressure check valve. This allows any pressure build up in the liquid transfer line in excess of 10-15 psig above the container pressure to flow back into the container. The transfer hose is protected against excessive liquid or vapor pressure entrapment. In addition to increasing hose service life, the equalizing valve adds substantially to the operating safety.


A8016D Series Multipurpose Valves

Designed specifically for use as a manual valve or vapor equalizing valve on anhydrous ammonia applicator and nurse tanks. Positive-acting excess flow valve opens for maximum flow at minimum pressure drop when filling — regardless of the type of coupling. Excess flow seat is fully contained in the tank coupling for maximum protection in the event of external damage.


AA3130, AA3135 Series Pressure Relief Valves

Designed for use as a primary relief valve on NH3 applicator and nurse tanks, the valve will automatically reseat firmly after discharge. “Pop-action” design keeps product loss at a minimum. Resilient seat disc provides “bubble-tight” seal.


TSS3169 Series Fixed Liquid Level Gauges

Especially designed to provide a visible warning when containers are filled to the maximum permitted filling level. At the start of the filling operation, with the vent stem opened, the valve discharges vapor. When the maximum permitted filling level is reached, the valve discharges liquid.


A8400 Series Pressure Gauges

Durable, easy-to-read pressure gauges engineered for anhydrous ammonia.