RegO LPG tank valves and regulators

RegO LPG tank components are reliably constructed, designed with expert engineering, built by a skilled U.S. workforce, and 100% tested.

Backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty and our global support network, RegO LPG components for above and underground tanks and cylinders deliver years of dependable performance, lower costs, fewer service calls, and peace of mind for you—and your customers.

Make sure you get RegO reliability—ask your tank provider for RegO valves in all your tanks.

“ We use only RegO vales in our tanks. They are reliable and top quality with great service and no problems. Our customers mostly demand that we use Rego. We are very proud to be installing Rego since we started in 1997.”  

Chuck Kinnie, President Shasta Gas and Shasta Tank, Northern California

Test & repair in the field. Fast & easy, without tank evacuation, or excessive gas loss.

Most conventional tank valves cannot be repaired or tested in the field without a system disruption, evacuation, or unavoidable gas loss.

With RegO Ready-to-Go® LPG valves and test kits there’s no need to break into the system to perform routine services, such as leak testing or valve stem packing replacement.

When you specify RegO Ready-To-Go LPG tank components, jobs that used to take hours now take minutes.

RegO MultiBonnet® Valves

Our patented RegO MultiBonnet assembly design gives users access to the valve stem packing for repair without interruption of service or evacuation of the tanks and the resulting gas loss.

RegO MultiBonnet valves are available in RegO MultiValve® or standalone configurations

RegO Presto-Tap®

RegO Presto-Tap tank fittings are UL-listed, factory installed to provide safe and easy system leak testing, saving users time and money, and reducing fugitive emissions by up to 90%.

RegO LPG tank components

RegO MultiValves with Presto-Tap

Combine components for a single opening in above or underground tanks. Save time and money with safe, fast pressure testing using the factory installed and tested Presto-Tap fitting. Easy field service repair of the stem packing without service interruption with MultiBonnet.

PG8475 and PT7556 Series

RegO Chek-Lok® Excess Flow Valves

Designed to provide a convenient means of withdrawing liquid from stationary containers before moving the container. Permits one transfer shut-off valve with an adapter to be used interchangeably on a number of tanks.

7590U and 7591U Series

RegO Double-Check Filler Valves

Incorporates a resilient upper check valve (filler valve), and a lower check valve, (back pressure check valve). Sized to cover virtually all LP-Gas storage containers, these low-emission valves are UL listed and meet NFPA standards.

L7579 and L6579 Series

RegO Pressure Relief Valves

Designed for use as a primary relief valve on ASME or DOT containers. The Pop-Action design protects the system while minimizing unwanted product loss.

Fully Internal Valves 8544 Series

Semi Internal Valves 7583, 8684, and 8685 Series

RegO OPD Filler Valves

This combined valve is designed to provide fast filling and protection against overfilling of horizontal ASME or vertical above ground small bulk type containers.

SFL7579V and SFL7647 Series

RegO Filler Valves

Designed to provide fast filling of forklift, motor fuel, and recreational vehicle tanks. Low emission and double back check design.

7647SC Series

RegO Service Valves

Designed for vapor withdrawal service on ASME and DOT containers or in fuel line applications. Since none of these valves have an integral pressure relief valve, they may only be used as an accessory valve on containers that have an independent pressure relief valve sufficient for that container’s capacity.

Combines MultiBonnet service valve and Presto-Tap value added features into one unit.

9101D, 9101R and PT9102 Series

RegO Accessories and Pigtails

Heavy-duty products to complete your system. Each product is individually tested prior to shipment


Universal Service Tech Kits:
Leak detection system diagnostics tools for any application.

The RegO Presto-Tap Universal Service Tech Kit has all the diagnostic tools needed to perform system leak testing at any point of the propane system all in one easy-to-carry bag.