RegO® for anhydrous ammonia bulk storage

Safe NH3 tank storage, fast loading and unloading.

Anhydrous ammonia improves crop yields and profits for farmers, but it’s also a potentially hazardous chemical that requires extra care in handling and storage. That’s why anhydrous ammonia tank manufacturers look to RegO for quality, safety and long service life. RegO valves and components deliver safety, without compromising fast flow during filling or dispensing to a nurse tank for use in the field. RegO products save time and money.

100% Made in the USA and backed with worldwide technical support and sales service.

When you partner with RegO, you get 100% American-made products, 100% tested products, with an industry-leading ten year warranty, backed by a global sales and service team that is knowledgeable and responsive.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

RegO NH3 Internal Valves & Relief Valves

Internal Valves

A3200 Series

Easily installed and designed to enable smooth operation and higher pumping rates without cavitation or loss of efficiency to save you time and money. They require maintenance less often than other internal valves, and the maintenance is fast and easy. We pay attention to the details, such as superior corrosion prevention and securing fasteners so they don’t come loose and cause damage.


RegO MultiPort® Valves

A8560 Series
A8570 Series
AA8570 Series

RegO MultiPort relief valve manifolds are used as the primary relief device on NH3 bulk storage tanks with flanged openings. The hand-wheel selectively closes the entrance port to enable service or repair without tank evacuation. RegO “pop-action” design ensures maximum protection, with minimum product loss when replacing a relief valve.


RegO DeltaPort Valves

AA8350 Series

RegO DeltaPort relief valve manifolds are designed to be the primary relief device on anhydrous ammonia bulk storage tanks. The handwheel selectively closes the entrance port to enable service or repair without tank evacuation.


Internal Relief Valves

A8434 Series
A8436 Series

These low profile, internal relief valves are constructed of non-corrosive materials and the RegO “pop-action” design ensures maximum protection, with minimum product loss on relief.


External Hydrostatic Relief Valves

SS8000 Series

Designed especially for the protection of piping and shut-off valves where there is a possibility of trapping liquid anhydrous ammonia.


Back Pressure Check Valves

A3186 Series

Designed to allow flow in one direction only. When the flow stops or reverses, the check closes. Built to provide generous flow channels for low pressure drop, the heavy-duty construction and synthetic rubber seat discs deliver positive seals for years.


RegO NH3 Globe Valves

RegO A7500 Series globe valves are constructed with high-quality materials and come in a range of sizes for use in anhydrous ammonia bulk storage applications. Purposefully designed to ensure greater flow with less pressure drop, positive shut-off, and long maintenance-free service; our globe valves provide safety and peace of mind for years. RegO globe valves include these standard features:

  • “V”-ring spring-loaded pressure stem seal provides for leak-proof operation, with no packing to re-tighten or replace, while virtually eliminating hard-to-turn handles.
  • Swivel seat disc assembly stops rotating as soon as it touches the body seat to deliver good seat alignment and long life.
  • 1/4” F. NPT plugged boss on the downstream side of the valve body allows attachment of a hydrostatic relief valve or vent valve.

A7500 Series

This is just a sample of our A7500 Series globe valves. See the complete family and specs. > DATA SHEET

RegO NH3 Safety Systems

At RegO, system and operational safety are paramount. We provide a complete line of products built with RegO ingenuity and quality to deliver years of safe operation.

Pull-away Coupling

A2141 Series

Designed to stop gas escape upstream and downstream in the event of a pull-away. A true pull away, this coupling snaps together without any repair or additional parts. Buna-N seals for a leak tight seal.


Heavy Duty Swing Check with Flow Indicator

A7790 Series

Available in 2″ and 3″ connections, this back check valve provides back flow protection for the unloading riser. Easy-to-read indicator, heavy-duty spring-loaded swing check design, delivers high flow rates with low pressure drop.


Swing Check ESVs

A6010, FA6010, EA6010, EFA6010 Series

Designed for LPG transfer lines to provide quick shut off of liquid or vapor in the event of an accidental pull-away, line break, or hose rupture. Fusible element auto-shuts valve when exposed to fire. Can be used manually, electrically, or with pneumatic actuator.


RegO NH3 Bulk Tank Accessories

ACME Low Emission Hose End Valve


Vents less than 2 cc of liquid when disconnected (when connected to RegO low emission ACME filler valves 6588LE, 6589LE.). This valve provides a full-on flow when pressing the release trigger. Compatible with any standard 3 1/4″ male ACME connector. California CARB Compliant.


Sight Flow Indicators

A7790 Series

Designed to promote maximum pump and compressor efficiency, these indicators enable visual inspection of liquid flow. The integral swing check also serves as a back-check valve to prevent reverse flow and product loss if the hose fails in a loading operation. Durable ductile iron body ensures long, trouble-free operation with design working pressure of 400 PSIG.



A9090 Series

Designed to provide an accurate determination of NH3 container contents, they mount in a standard 1″ NPT coupling. Resistance-free nylon bearing inserts reduce friction and promote operating ease, and the dial face is dual calibrated to provide greater accuracy in reading contents in containers which are not level.


ACME Female Connector

A3175 Series
A3185 Series
A3195 Series

Designed especially for liquid and vapor transfer of LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia. Available in a variety of M. NPT and F. ACME connections.