RegO® for CO2 Systems

LCR Series Liquid Cylinder Regulators

This pressure reducing regulator assembly controls the pressure from the gas use line or the discharge of any liquid cylinder with a flow capacity at least double the capacity of the cylinder vaporization coil. Two delivery pressure ranges available.


BR-1780 Series Heavy Duty Brass Final Line Pressure Regulators

Designed for final line pressure regulation, the BR-1780 Series have a balanced seat, are constructed with oxygen compatible materials, and offer a tamper resistant adjustment screw cap. Flow performance is impressive, offering up to 30,000 SCFH for the 3/4″ and 1″ model and up to 20,000 SCFH for the 1/2″ model.


1780 Series Heavy Duty Gas Line Regulators

Designed for final line pressure regulation on gas distribution systems. They can also be used for a variety of gases in medical or industrial applications. The 1780 Series has a balanced seat, are construct- ed with oxygen compatible materials, and have the same valve design, brass body, and internal parts as the premium BR-1780 Series. Flow performance is equal to the BR-1780 Series.


TA3127 Series Flanged Internal Valves

Designed primarily for CO2 filling and/or withdrawal on bobtail delivery trucks, transports and stationary storage tanks with flanged pumps or piping. Installation is quick and easy, and the valve may be operated manually by cable or pneumatically. Lever available on right or left side to allow for installation without the use of an extra pulley.


UA3149A Series CO2 Relief Valves

These “pop-type” relief valves are especially designed for use as a secondary relief valve in carbon dioxide transports and stationary storage tanks. Relief valve “pops” open to full discharge capacity when pressure exceeds a predetermined point.


RegO MultiPort® Valves ASME UA8560 & UA8570 Series Relief Valves

Designed especially for use as a primary relief device on large stationary pressurized storage containers with flanged openings. These manifolds incorporate an additional relief valve, not included in the flow rating, allowing for servicing or replacement of any one of the relief valves without evacuating the container.


C-19434B Series Relief Valves

Designed for use in CO2 service, this ASME-rated valve opens slightly to relieve moderately excessive pressure, when the pressure increases beyond a predetermined point, the valve opens to its full discharge capacity. Pipe-away adapter for venting gas to the outdoors is available.


CG Series Check Valves

Inline check valves with metal seat option for cryogenic service or with soft seat option for leak free operation in gas service. One directional flow indicated by arrow on body. Large Cv for high flow capability and low pressure drop. Cleaned for use in oxygen service per CGA G-4.1.


T9460 Series Shut-off Valves

Designed for use on portable cryogenic cylinders, LNG fueling systems and other in-line shut-off valve applications. Spring-loaded stem seal automatically adjusts for any gasket wear, eliminating the need to constantly re-tighten the packing nut.


For additional CO2-compatible components,
see the RegO Cryogenic Catalog.

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