RegO® for cryogenic & industrial gas microbulk storage

Maximize microbulk tank performance with RegO products.

Microbulk tanks are a portable solution for the safe storage and dispensing of liquid and gas Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, Hydrogen, and other cryogenic products. To make sure your customers get the most out of your tanks, specify RegO valves and regulators. Our decades of industry experience have led us to develop innovative products that enable safer storage and faster dispensing, with longer service life, and less maintenance to help your customers save time and money.

When it’s time to step up from cylinders, step up with RegO.

RegO microbulk tank globe valves, needle valves, shut-off valves, diverters, regulators, pressure release valves, and strainers make it easy for your customers to transition from cylinders. They require almost no mainte- nance and deliver years of reliable, safe service. When you partner with RegO, you get 100% tested products, with an industry-leading ten year warranty, backed by a global sales and service team that is knowledgeable and responsive.

There’s only one way to get our quality, long life, and performance—ask for RegO.

RegO Shut-off Valves

Designed for use on portable cryogenic cylinders, LNG fueling systems and other in-line shut-off valve applications. Spring-loaded stem seal automatically adjusts for any gasket wear, eliminating the need to constantly re-tighten the packing nut.

T9450 Series Shut-off Valves


T9460 Series Shut-off Valves


RegO Microbulk Tank Regulators

RG Series Pressure Builder Regulators

Designed to maintain the pressure in cryogenic containers, they are especially useful in installations where space and cost are important. PTFE seat enables a positive shut-off down to -196°C. Inlet filter helps prevent foreign material from entering the regulator.


ECL502 Series Economizer Back Pressure Regulators

Designed to be used as pressure reducing valves to automatically maintain a constant inlet or back pressure, normally closed at pressures below its set point and open at pressures above its set point. Provides premium flow characteristics enabling fast pressure reduction while maintaining sensitive flow control at lower pressure set- tings.


PB504 Series Cryogenic Regulators

Designed to maintain the pressure in cryogenic containers; they may also be used as a line regulator for cryogenic lines and cold gas lines. They are specifically useful in installations where the precision in pressure control and flow capability are important.


RegO Microbulk Tank Valves

BB Series Short-stem Globe Valves

Designed for handling of cryogenic liquids through microbulk tanks, our time-tested, spring-loaded stem packing and superior seat design provide for long life and easy maintenance. Internal components are identical with the SKB Series. The BB Series globe valves are offered with brazed-in schedule 10 and 40 stainless steel pipe stubs.


DV4108SD Series for Pressure Relief Valves

The DV4108SD04 has the inlet port in the upper position for the easy installation of the microbulk’s relief pressure line, and the four-outlet port oriented at down position to avoid the humidity going into the PRVs and guarantee proper operation.


CMM Series Needle Valves

Ideal for use as a gauge isolation valve or applications requiring accurate throttling of pressure. Fine stem threading and long taper allow precise metering and leak-free shut-off.


NG304 Series Excess Flow-Valves

For use with LNG liquid lines as an effective shut-off when an excess flow condition occurs downstream to prevent uncontrolled release of system media. Poppet design provides high-flow capacity. Design allows spring to reset poppet automatically when system pressure equalizes.


RegO Microbulk Tank Components

STR Series Strainers

Uses a Monel filter to retain debris and any other pollution that could be in the lines, and could affect the performance of regulators and other devices.


9400 Series Pressure Relief Valves

Specifically designed for vapor line safety relief applications and cryogenic liquid containers.


1300SS PRV Riser Tube

Stainless steel body with fine stem threading. Diameters and threading compatibility with all RegO 9400 Series pressure release valves.