A better built valve,
builds a better system.

To build a cryogenic system you can count on, start with quality components. The Reg SK Advantage Series is packed full of innovation to deliver years of high performance and low maintenance.

RegO SK Advantage Series cryogenic stainless steel globe valves

The industry-leading valve just got even better to bring years of superior performance to your cryogenic gas storage, transport, or manufacturing system.

Watch the video: See how RegO reinvented the globe valve.

SK Advantage Series brochure & ordering information

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The SK Adantage Series product portfolio

Build a better system with the SK Advantage

Patented ergonomic handwheel

Easy-to-turn ergonomic hand-wheel, for faster open/close

Requires less torque than other styles, increases safety and reduces repetitive motion stress


No disassembly required to install into a system

Simply follow proper installation and welding procedures

Available in socket and butt weld configurations

Less adjustment
& maintenance

RegO Kold-Seal™ technology

Live loaded PTFE stem packing seals tighter to reduce

Up to 39% greater Cv

RegO conical seat for faster fills and secure shutoff

Opens wider for exceptional flow rates

More contact area between the seat and the seal for a tighter seal than other technologies

Less chance of debris accumulation for less frequent service

Up to 15x more durable in
heavily used valves

Longer life, less maintenance, and safe, no waste operation

Innovative bonnet pressure release system

Instead of wasteful weep holes, the SK Advantage Series captures excess pressure in the Kold-Seal protected valve stem on open, and then returns it to the system upon close

Built better to last longer

PCTFE material for best
cryogenic performance

No washers and nuts to
retain the seat

Less adjustment and fast,
easy maintenance

Reduced risk of components vibrating loose that could affect downstream equipment

SK Advantage Series specifications & ordering information