¾” Rotogages® for Small Stationary and Mobile LP-Gas Containers 2070 Series


Rotogages® are designed to provide accurate determination of LP-Gas container contents. They may be end or side mounted in a standard ¾” NPT coupling on stationary or mobile containers. To guarantee accurate measurement, they should not be used on stationary containers that exceed 60” I.D. or on mobile containers, subject to vibration, with an I.D. of more than 24”.


  • Provides long, trouble-free performance and ease of operation.
  • Polished stems assure bind-proof operation.
  • Dial face is dual calibrated to provide greater accuracy in reading contents in containers which are not level.


Body Brass
Stem Brass Tubing
Dip Tube Seamless Brass Tubing
Dial Plate Aluminium
Indicator Malleable Iron