Cylinder Valve for Liquid Withdrawal


Equipped with excess flow valves and liquid withdrawal tubes, they are designed for liquid withdrawal of DOT cylinders up to 100 lbs. propane capacity. They are most often used with heavy BTU loads found in industrial uses.


  • O-ring stem seal design.
  • Nylon tapered seat disc for positive closure.
  • Self-tapping screw secures handwheel to stem and reduces possibility of handwheel vibrating loose while in transit.
  • Features ball check excess flow valve.
  • Furnished with 3⁄8” O.D. stainless steel withdrawal tube with “T’’ dimension of 44”.


Body Forged Brass
Handwheel Aluminum Die Cast
Seat Disc Nylon
O-Rings Resilient Rubber
Relief Spring Stainless Steel
Stem Brass