Quick-Acting Hose-End Valves for Bobtail Delivery Trucks and Dispensing Stations A7707L and A7708L


Designed especially for safe operator handling of LP-Gas in bobtail delivery truck, dispensing systems and anhydrous ammonia nurse tank service.

These valves provide instant, full-on flow at the flip of the handle and provide instant positive shut-off with a handle lock for added protection.


  • “V”-ring spring-loaded pressure stem seal provides for leak-proof operation. No packing to retighten or replace.
  • Self locking handle is operator opened and closed to prevent against accidental opening of the valve.
  • Large, contoured handle provides firm, comfortable grip.
  • Full swivel handle rotates 360° so the valve can be operated from any angle.
  • Built-in vent valve on the downstream side of the valve permits bleeding of trapped product to assure safe uncoupling.
  • Can be used with a variety of RegO® filling adapter connectors.
  • Swivel seat disc minimizes grinding on the body seat and assures longer service life.


Body Ductile Iron
“V”-Ring Teflon
Stem Stainless Steel
Seat Disc Synthetic Elastomer
Valve Lever Stainless Steel
Seal Housing Stainless Steel
Bonnet Cadmium Plated Steel