High Pressure / High Temperature Industrial / Commercial Pounds-to-Pounds Regulators X1584V, X1586V Series


Designed to reduce LP-Gas container pressures to between 3 and 50 PSIG. Ideal for crop drying, heat treating, asphalt batch mixing and other large industrial and commercial load application utilizing high temperature LP-Gas or high temperature atmosphere under conditions up to 300ºF. Also ideal as a first stage regulator in large multiple operations.


  • Special diaphragm and seat materials are suitable for up to 300ºF. temperatures.
  • Large nozzle and straight through flow provides high capacity and resistance to freeze ups.
  • Suitable for both liquid and vapor service.
  • Can be fitted with high pressure gauge in ¼” F. NPT port. REGO® recommends that these gauges use silver braze rather than soft solder construction.


Body Forged Aluminum
Bonnet Die Cast Aluminum
Spring Stainless Steel
Diaphragms Integrated Fabric and Synthetic Rubber
Seat Discs High Temperature Resilient Composition
Backup Seal High Temperature Resilient Composition