Only RegO LPG regulators are
100% Made in America.

“Designed” or “Tested” in America is just not the same as 100% Made in America. At RegO, all of our LPG regulators are designed, manufactured and tested in North Carolina by U.S. workers. When your customers demand American quality, it pays to learn the facts.

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100% Designed
in the USA
100% Critical Components
made in the USA
100% Assembled
in the USA
100% Tested
in the USA
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100% designed in America for more than 110 years.

Other companies try to copy RegO innovations. But without the complete RegO design, a foundation of quality components, and the experienced U.S. workforce to build and test, the competition cannot match our performance.

100% of critical components Made in America.

Zinc diecast bodies, metal and nylon components deliver superior performance and last longer than aluminum and plastic alternatives.

100% assembled in America.

RegO designs and builds all of our LPG regulators in North Carolina. We employ 435+ experienced workers dedicated to delivering high performing, worry-free, long lasting LPG regulators.

100% testing done in our North Carolina facility.

From incoming component quality to final assembly testing for leakage, lock up and set pressure, RegO regulators meet or exceed UL 144 and NFPA 58 standards.

To get the only 100% Made in America LPG regulator, contact the RegO distributor in your area.

RegO LPG regulators lead the industry in performance and service life.

Quality that stands the test of time

RegO LPG regulators last longer, are easier to service, and are supported by the industry’s largest worldwide network of distributors and technical experts. No other LPG regulators have a no strings, 10-year warranty and a 25-year service life.

Quality starts with quality construction.

RegO LPG regulators

Components are made in America and undergo rigorous quality control and testing before assembly.

  • Zinc diecast body and bonnet for maximum strength and corrosion resistance
  • Brass fittings and precision machined screw/bolt holes make it possible for RegO LPG regulators to dis-assemble/re-assemble smoothly and securely in the field
  • Rugged glass-reinforced nylon components, long-lasting to resist deterioration
  • Premium rubber O-rings, O-ring beads for secure fit and easy re-assembly

Other LPG regulators

Lacking the patented technology that makes RegO the gold standard, competing products resort to reducing material costs and manufacturing over- seas.

  • Aluminum bodies are often painted inside the regulator, which can lead to flakes in the regulator
  • Plastic parts, susceptible to deterioration
  • No O-ring beads at critical seal points, and no O-rings at all for some joints

RegO innovations build a better regulator.

Superior control

Rigid diaphragm transmits pressure variations to control linkage, prevents debris related creeping.

Other LPG regulators use secondary springs and other work-arounds adding components which can wear out and allow debris into the regulator.

Easy to service

Inlet nozzle removes easily so seat disc can be cleaned or replaced quickly.

Other LPG regulators seat discs may be harder to disassemble/re-assemble due to design and hardware quality. Some seat discs are not replaceable.

Reliable service

Straight line seat disc to nozzle construction enables sure closing at lock up pressure and even seat disc wear.

Other LPG regulators use complicated, unsecure linkage mechanisms that make seat discs harder to align and prone to wear.

Easy to adjust

Forgot your screwdriver? Adjusting screw can be easily turned by hand.

Competing regulators are just not as field serviceable, adding time to service calls.

RegO. Built tough to last long.

Outstanding in our field, & field serviceable.

Just like other RegO tank components, our LPG regulators are designed for fast installation and easy field service. We design our products with premium components that can be disassembled and put back together quickly, securely and leak-free.

Field serviceable components for RegO LPG regulatorsOther LPG regulators
Listed components can be replaced in field without voiding the UL listing or RegO warrantyAttempting repairs may void the UL listing or manufacturer’s warranty
Brass fittings, precision machined hardware, O-ring beads for easy, leak-proof reassemblyOften not designed for repair, no O-ring beads, self tapping screws, difficult torealign components
Combined vent screen/vent suppressor enable field repairs with just a screw driverManufacturer recommends replacement of the regulator
Replaceable inlet nozzleManufacturer recommends replacement of the regulator
Easily removable seat disc, disc can be cleaned or replacedMany seat discs cannot be cleaned. Manufacturer recommends replacement of the regulator
Hand adjustable bonnet screw, bonnet cap is replaceableRequires tools to adjust, bonnet cap not replaceable

Universal Service Tech Kits:
Leak detection system diagnostics tools for any application.

The RegO Presto-Tap® Universal Service Tech Kit has all the diagnostic tools needed to perform system leak testing at any point of the propane system all in one easy-to-carry bag.

The RegO portfolio, more than 200 standard regulators.

RegO LPG regulators.
Made in America and made to last.